A Sad Good-Bye to Ira Gutner of Samuel’s of Rhinebeck

Ira Gutner, owner of Samuel’s in Rhinebeck, passed away last Friday. He died suddenly of a massive heart attack and was only 57 years old. He leaves behind his husband of 2 years whom he had been together with for 12 years.  There is a fund set up to help Ira’s husband keep Samuel’s running,  Joan generously donated $200 to the fund. She said Ira was one of her first Hammertown customers in Rhinebeck and always had a big hug for her when she saw him.

You can read more about the fund and memorial arrangements here: http://www.gofundme.com/8350o8

We are all shocked and saddened, especially the Hammertown Rhinebeck staff as we frequented his candy/coffee shop.  Ira came across as sometimes grumpy but was truly a kind soul who cared deeply about the lives of others and especially animals.  There was something very profound on his Facebook page, in February he had posted about his husband’s co-worker suddenly passing away, how senseless and tragic it was, he asked everyone to make a small donation to a fund for the mother of two small children who had just lost her husband. Looking through his page one can see he was always looking out for others and very grateful for his loving husband, family, friends and employees.

And here we are asking everyone to help Ira’s family and employees.

— Hammertown Rhinebeck Staff