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Romi Chair Seen on SNL! Oh, and Paul Rudd too! 

When you work in the interior design industry you take notice of things others might ignore. Take for example last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live….more specifically, the guest appearance of actor, fellow Rhinebeck business owner (Samuel’s Sweet Shop), and my daughter’s second (sorry!) favorite Avenger, Paul Rudd.

While others may have been focused on the comedic prowess and handsome charm Paul exuded in his performance, the Hammertown crew dug a little deeper. Sunday morning my in-box was full of screen shots and exclamations, “look, he’s sitting in the the Romi chair he bought at Hammertown!”

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Well he certainly has good taste! The Romi Chair is one of our most popular frames and comes in lots of beautiful color options.

And speaking of taste, it should be noted that Paul and his wife, Julie, aren’t just typical 2nd home owners in Rhinebeck, they are both dedicated and involved members of the community. For example, in 2015, when Samuel’s Sweet Shop was about to close due to the death of its beloved owner, Paul and Julie, along with Paul’s friend and fellow actor (and Rhinebeck resident), Jeffrey Morgan, and his wife, actress/author Hilarie Burton (check out her new book, Rural Diaries), came to the rescue and saved the long-time business by buying the well-loved sweets shop and keeping it true to its authentic self.  Here’s a blog we did about them at the time.  They are involved owners of the shop to this day and asked us to let you all know you can order Samuel’s Sweets Shop products online right now. We just ordered Paul’s Favorites Sampler; Jeffrey’s Favorites Sampler & Hilarie’s Favorites Sampler.

Samuel’s has great coffee and espresso too!!

Just so you know…there’s a special Mother’s Day Sampler you can order right now!

Visit their website…and let your sweet tooth do the rest!


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