Homes That Heal & Nurture Your Soul

I recently read an article in the Washington Post about a designer (Stevie McFadden) who, inspired by her own divorce, created a formula for a home that heals.

Photo by Mick Anders (Washington Post)

As we experience the collective trauma of the novel coronavirus pandemic, McFadden hopes her process can help people reconfigure their spaces to make room to recover. Our surroundings matter more than ever, she says, and creating a home where we can feel happy, supported and safe during times of uncertainty is necessary….”People are fearful of how to put a space together. They need to trust themselves,” McFadden said. “If there are things that bring them joy or that have a great story or that they just like because they are beautiful, don’t feel afraid to incorporate them. An interesting home is a beautiful home.”

I couldn’t agree more! Our homes have gained special importance to us these past few months. For me, it was my cozy salvation in March and April and come spring, the outside gardens brought joy. With more free time, I cooked more, rearranged my furniture, cleaned out my closets and baskets filled with old magazines and papers and, in general, organized my home so it was peaceful yet stimulating to my mind and soul. For that I have such gratitude!

This is my new normal. I spend much of my day here in my dining area which has become my office space. And there’s my most cherished source of joy…Etta…waiting for squirrels outside the back door!

We asked some of our staff members to share photos of the places in their own homes that have brought them joy and calm. Here are a few examples:

[click photos to enlarge]

We all love Wanda Furman’s Kitchen!


My daughter, Dana Simpson’s, screened porch is a relaxing and peaceful place



My friend Judith (of Argazzi Art on Route 44 in Lakeville) calls this her Covid Garden. It’s sandwiched between her gallery and the shop next door. She loves spending time here!



I love these orange Seth Churchhill chairs in my backyard


Now that you’re able to visit our Hammertown stores we hope you…like so many who come through the door and say “I could live here”…will also be inspired. We appreciate all of your support so much during these past months and hope to be part of your own cozy salvation.